With another store locates in HongKong, and the newest in Macao, 8 1/2 Otto e Mezzo Bombana is a good choice to enjoy the spectacular night view of The Bud, and experience delicious food at the same time. If someone post more photos of Italian food than I do, it’s ME!

I know it is a bit behind to update this post, as I went 8 1/2 Otto e Mezzo Bombana two weeks ago with my god brother. But I think there IS a necessary to do so.
I suggest you start with the white truffle soup to give yourself a warm up. They have a full selection of seafood main, meat main, or pasta for us. I went for a serve of lobster tail with pasta, but this dish was actually not really a main course. I ordered this course because I usually do not eat much and I would always save myself for some dessert. This dish has one lobster tail, and some pasta at the bottom. Also, coming with some lobster meat &celery salad as side dish. A nice reminder, you can order each course separately, or they have the full-course package, which is priced around $300/person. You will have to choose one dish from two to three for each course, and I think it was quite nice (my god brother went for the full-course package).
Let we chestnut fan finish the night with some Mont Blanc. and enjoy the night view of The Bud.
Love from #Emily.G