Comparing to the mouth-watering pictures on the Michelin Guide, I’d rather to believe my own experience. And I believe my pictures are more convincing(to you guys?) because I am not doing as good as a professional photographer, who can turn ‘NOT-THAT-TASTY’ food into fancy photos (hehe, kidding, I adore those who can take amazing pictures). As you know, I am always telling the truth, the good or bad, I’ll tell objectively and let you make the final decision whether to try it or not.

Today’s tour is quite special because I am not going to do the test meal in a Michelin-Stared restaurant. Not going to be sitting there and wearing my formal outfits. Instead, we are heading to two of the most-recommeded local stores by Michelin-Guide, here in Macau, and do some I call “test-eating” for you guys, and of course, taking some pictures.
The first store we visited is a dessert store called “义顺鲜奶” (sorry than I found no English on the menu). I tried their Red Bean Milk Jelly and Ginger Milk Jelly, and it was amazing!! The Jelly is quite soft and smell of the milk was quite strong, which I Ioved so much. The only thing I felt not that perfect was the red bean was a bit sweeter than I expected. I do not eat food with strong sugar and sweet taste, so you can tell the sweet level it has might suit yours.
Address: 381 Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro (SanMaa Road), Macao.
And the second store we visited was Lord Stow’s Bakery inside of The Venetian (安德鲁饼店). The celebrity dish there was the portugal egg-tart, so any reason I did not try it? hehe. The base of the egg-tart was crispy and hot, and with the soft egg&milk filling inside,   I definitely give a thumb up! If you prefer to have a not-to-sweet afternoon tea as I do, you can order some milk tea or coffee as companion.
Address: K13, Level 1, Shoppes at Venetian
Hope you love my Macau Diary.
Love from #Emily.G