Looks like I haven’t done a food journey for a long time. Not because I have nothing to write, but wait for something really “surprise” me. Among all the restaurants I tried for the last month, I found they were all quite nice but was not really a lot could surprise me. I picked some that I tried during my macau trip and this is just the one I just tried.

This two-stared michelin restaurant is named Jade Dragon. Locating on the 2rd floor of the City of Dreams, it would be very easy for you to find where it is.

Starting with a complimentary entree: Fried seafood ball, siding with a spoon of cucumber salad

*In traditional Chinese cuisine, we usually start the meal with some cold dishes. As you could see below, the cuisine that Jade Dragon provides is a bit combination of Cantonese and Western. So does the entree

The Main Courses come with:

softshell crab (spicy)
roasted chicken (half)
BBQ Pork
Steamed clam with garlic (sided with plastic noodles at the bottom)
Japanese wagyu beef with green pepper
Prawn wrapped with egg yolk


Complimentary: Date jelly cake wit Macaroon & mini gelato basket
Extra ordered: Truffle Milk Pudding
*The cost was around $AUD 800 for six people sharing this meal, the average is 150/pp. 
Hope you like it and find some good dining spots in your city.
Love from #Emily.G