Hi lovlies! Long time no see! I have to admit that I become more and more busier as the year end is approaching. Holiday’s coming and that means I have to make everything done by the year end before drawing myself from work.

The  nearest holiday we are going to have is Christmas, of course. In my family, we do not really celebrate Christmas, since my family still based in China. And Christmas is not as important as those traditional chinese festivals. This year, I am having a gap year between my bachelor and master degree, so I decided to go back to China, have some travels and work a bit to experience the business world in China (my major in university was studying the International business and trading, so moving back here and do some business definitely helps a lot). If you go on streets, you will definitely see department stores and cafes are decorated with Christmas bells and socks on there window. The air is filled with smell of Christmas as well.

During the past few years, my friends and I would exchange the Christmas gifts before December (usually at the end of November), because I always spent the summer holiday with my family from December to February. As I do a lot travels during summer, so it is better to exchange the Christmas gift ahead (just in case I would not be found during the Christmas vacations! haha).

This year, I prepared you guys a Christmas gift list if you still have not decided what to buy for your family and friends. You can probably do the last-minute shopping and pick something from my list. Have it wrapped and spend a wonderful Christmas vacation!

Hope my Christmas shopping list helps.(perhaps?)
Love and Merry Christmas from #Emily.G