For the recent couple months, I’ve been trying to make as many as visit to some of the restaurants that the Michelin Guide Shanghai lists, because I am based in China for the last year! Which I have a good news to you guys that I am going back to Australia in the mid year! Cannot wait to that, although I love China sooo much!

Anyways, I visited the Cantonese restaurant, Madam Goose (what an interesting name and I love how they name it!). Speaking of Cantonese food, you have seen thousands and millions photos of it on #Emdition , my family and I have big obsession in Cantonese food, especially my parents. But this time, instead of going with them (sorry, bit guilty), I went with my friend. I was quite satisfied with almost everything we ordered, except the BBQ pork, they probably over-roasted it (because it tasted a bit overlooked and stringy).

Other than the food, their service was another thing to praise. As we arrived really late on that day, and they were running out of the roasted duck. The fact was, roasted duck is their celebrity dish and we don’t want to miss it! ( I don’t eat roasted duck, but I didn’t want my friend to miss it). The girl who served us told us while we settling, so we finally got the last serve of roasted duck. A million thanks to her.

Hope you love the new one.

Love from #Emily.G