Pastel Blue

Blue to me is a very meaningful color. For those who have known me for ages, you could possibly retrieve the connection between me and BLUE back to many years ago. I love this color as it cured my pain in losing of my beloved family member. Nowadays, I still go by the ocean side if I am highly stressed or taking a big external pressure. I was absolutely absent from social media last week due to the big pressure I was facing, to study, to business and to life. It is hard to make a balance among all those things that I encountered last week. And I was nearly giving up doing anything. Fortunately, we have so many beachside I can go near Brisbane. One of my secret spots is Wellington Point, which is at the east point of Brisbane. Meeting blue and sunrise just released my stress when the first light of the day came out. Sharing this secret place with all you readers and hope you can find a way to release your stress, enjoy life. You gonna finally have some lights after all those darkness. Do not give up.

From #Emily.G


*Outfit: Playsuit from Alice McCall,

Shoes from Chanel


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