Winery Sirromet

You can tell, I am recently so in love with my Gucci Dionysus flora painted bag. When it comes to luxury handbags, it is really terrible if it only goes with some particular outfit. Why do we pay so much money for wearing it once? I love to invest pieces go well with most of my outfit, and stay well along the time.

Last week, my friend and I went to Sirromet Winery in Mt. Cotton and spent the whole afternoon taking photos, drinking tea (Yes, I try to quit coffee), and meeting up for some business affair. We love such place, where we can sit under the shadow of nature and got some inspiration from it. Most of the time, I feel comfortable and relief when talking and discussing business in a chill place other than sitting in the office. I always say, office is a little cube, if you stay too long in a cube, your mind will be locked inside and would be able to think out of the box. If you prefer a meet-up place like I do, I am now sharing this secret spot with you. It’s not too far away from Brisbane city, which is about 30min drive. Sitting here makes me forget the time and feel the object–TIME, it doesn’t even exist.

Get a drink and enjoy you afternoon here. Viva La Vida.



*Outfit: Top from Storets,

Jeans from Levi’s,

Bag from Gucci,

Loafers from Gucci

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