Byron Bay

“What you’ve been up to?” If you ask. I’m quite sure you are not on the track of my road trip. Yes, I am on a road trip.

To where?

To anywhere I can get to.

Don’t you feel that sometimes we just need somewhere that we can escape to? And it doesn’t matter whether the place we go has nice hotels and restaurants or not. I could even be left in the middle of the desert (just saying, h-a-h-a-), which I mean, I can amuse myself most of the time no matter where I am.

But Byron Bay is definitely not the desert. It’s a paradise for holiday, with so many luxury stays you can choose from. A perfect getaway for me, as it’s just in the neighbourhood of Brisbane.

Not knowing so much about Byron? No worries. It locates in the north of New South Whales, which is only about 3 hours drive from Brisbane towards south. There is one spot you’ll definitely visit if it is your first time here, Cape Byron. Many people I have met thought that the name of Byron is originated from the poet– George Gordon Byron (Lord Byron), I guess they do have some similarities/connections in some ways, well, of course as you can see. Naming after the poet, Byron, may bring this place a romantic background, but it is not. The name Byron Bay is actually from his grandfather. Grandfather of Lord Byron, John Byron, who was a great navigator at his time. To memorise John Byron, James Cook named the most east side of Australia as Cape Byron, and that’s where the name Byron comes from.

Cape Byron is certainly not the only reason makes Byron Bay a good destination for getaway . What brings me here is the perfect accommodations, local cafes and every moment you spend here. Experiencing the accommodation is not in our plan, as we only stop at Byron Bay for one day this time,. But I do have some good choices for you to consider if you come:

Accomadation List for you to follow:



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I stopped at the Fishheads restaurant at Byron, and you can definitely get a good ocean view if you dine-in.



Hope you enjoy my first destination and more comes soon.

Love from #Emily.G




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