Body & Media II

(*Raise the consciousness to the  environmental problem. We couldn’t pretend it doesn’t exist. )

For a very long time, I’ve been thinking about the relationship between the inner self and the outside world. In another word, the CONNECTION. If the world is an entire and unchangeable object, then the world we see could always be the same, and what makes it be different to individuals? Which I believe, it is the heterogeneity of interpretation. Generally saying, it is the media between individuals and the outside world that could possibly results the heterogeneity. Then, the heterogeneity causes ‘us’ to reflect differently to the same object, the world.

“What are you talking about?” You may ask. It is our body, that play the role of the media and the unseen connection between our thinking, the metal world, and the outside. I guess?

(*Due to the differences between each individuals, the light spot we see from the upper two photos project different images on our brains and we reflect different images to our body.)


(*Even it is ourself, we can not fit in our own shadow.)

I cannot wait to share some of the art work that attracted my eyes, more likely, my mind with you, from the exhibition I went last week–Body & Media II. It gave me a more visible explanation of the Body & Media, as you can tell from the name of the exhibition itself. While we embracing the heterogeneity of ourselves, never forget to leave some space when encountering some divergence in communication and try to agree. Just because of the heterogeneity, it is the root of “difference”, which leads us to think the same thing from various perspectives. Unlike I did, you may interpret the same exhibition in a total different way. How amazing it is?

Love from #Emily.G

The owners of the art works (which appear in this post) have full rights to their work. Please contact me if there is a need to quote the source of it.

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