T for Thai

Hello lovelies! Hope you all had a good time with your fathers and celebrate the Father’s Day.

I got finally go with my normal work out routine again, as the surgery I did last month really caused me so much inconvenience. So once I got back to the normal routine, the first thing I would like to do is stroll around the city and to explore some nice restaurants for you. My family would always like to catch up with friends on weekends for lunch/brunch, because you see, I do not eat too much for dinner and I think it is quite trendy for some people to eat less at night. If you keep such a lifestyle, you would see a big change in your health. So making it for lunch gives me a good excuse to try more.

My father was having a business travel on Father’s Day, so we could not celebrate it on this Sunday. Mom and I decided to catch up with the family of her cousin’s, and meet lunch for some Thai food. Like always, I arranged the place. So why not try T for Thai? Michelin Guide 2017 recommends this thai food restaurant and I am quite interested in it, because somehow, I was attracted by its’ name.

Going straight to the end of the corridor after you enter the gate, the green and tropical wall paper you see would bring you all the way to the second floor to T for Thai. If you love to see something clean and minimal grow from the complex, I bet you’ll love the interior design of this Thai restaurant.

Seriously saying, I love their entree more than their main menu. Anyone is a fan of entree like me? I am not saying their main dishes were less tasty, just because I usually love entrees and that is all. Fried fish cake, fried prawn cake, they just got me! Never forget to order a coconut juice when you visit a thai restaurant (Also good for photographing!haha). Just pretend that you were sitting under a palm tree, taking a sun shower and having some coconut juice.

I also found that T for Thai is a good choice for casual meeting. They have two big tables in the middle of the restaurant and a bar down to the end of the restaurant. The reception who reserved the table for me arrange a very quite corner for me and a special thanks to that girl!

Hope you enjoy the food experience with me.

Love from #Emily.G


*Outfit: Tee from Topshop (tall version here, petite version here),

Jeans from Siwy (I got this pair last year, but you can check the similar style here by Siwy Denim),

Glasses from RayBan,

Espadrilles from Chanel.

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