Valley Daily

It has been a long time since the last time I went out for some sunshine and fresh air. I finished my tiny surgery about three weeks ago on my right foot. Not surprisingly, I could not walk like normal but very slowly. It could be called “move” than “walk”, because I literally move like a worm.

With the whole three weeks’ recovery, I got finally walk by my own from two days ago. So I decided to spend this look week in a valley locating in the mountain with my family. I love wearing this old suit that I purchased last year from Topshop Brisbane store. The fabric is soft and I feel easy when I need to walk a bit with it. Usually, I go for a hiking when I visit mountains, but this time, I found that taking a sun shower is another beautiful experience.

Hope you all enjoy your weekend. And, happy Dragon Boat Festival to all my Chinese friends.xx

Love from #Emily.G

*Outfit: whole holiday suit from Topshop,

Slippers from Birkenstock.

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