Golden Moment

I finished my tiny surgery on 10th and have been staying at home for 4 days. However, it feels like two months for me. Not so surprising, the surgery I did was on my right feet, so walking becomes something ‘Don’t Dos’ during this week from my doctor’s list. You do not know how much I want to walk like normal, go out for a walk or shopping with my mum. If you allow me to tell what I want to do right now, I can tell hundreds and thousands things I want to do. Most important, I really need to go out get some tea or just strolling around. Speaking of tea and dessert, I got something really fantastic for you if you travel or live in Suzhou. I found this cafe called Florian, approximately three weeks ago. Florian was found in Venice and the store in Suzhou is the only one you can find in China. I do love the taste of their dessert, as well as the minimalist package. Try it! Hope you also enjoy your golden moment with Cafe Florian.

Love #Emily.G

*Outfit: Tee from Comme des Garçons,

Jeans from Levi’s,

Cardigan from Witchery,

Bag from Balenciaga,

Sneakers from Golden Goose Deluxe Brand.

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