Macau Diary, Food Journey with Zi Yat Heen (Two-Stared Micheline Restaurant)

As promised in my last post, I said I was going to share something cantonese with you guys. Zi Yat Heen is one of the kind. Specializing in Cantonese Cuisine, it has brought the food into an upper level. I say, if you would like to see whether it is a good cantonese restaurant, you should go for lunch instead of dinner. Why is that? Because I PERSONALLY love the traditional dim sum, and if a restaurant can do the simplest with its best effort, then it has all it can have. Another reason is that I do not like to order dim sum during the dinner time, even it is totally fine.

Zi Yat Heen was a bit difficult for me to find as it’s literally hidden inside Four Season Hotel. If you stay at Four Seasons, I guess it would not be a problem for you. However, I get used to live with Sheraton and if you do so. First cross the footbridge between Sheraton centre and The Venetian, the four season shoppers just in-between these two places. And you go down to level one after crossing the footbridge, there will be signs for you to follow and all the way to the lobby of the Four Season Hotel.


The location is : Level One, Four Season Hotel, Macao

Tel: +853 2881 8888

*You can click here to reserve a table, see the full menu, and check there open hours.


To be honest, they does very well in dim sum and main course. You cannot pick anything wrong, especially on the quality of their ingredients (thumb up for their quality). However, I think things could be better if they show more creativity in expressing the food.

Love form #Emily.G

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