Actions Speak It For You

Before picking a knit or whatever clothes you want to buy. Ask yourself the following questions:

Is it a high quality piece that I can wear it more than one season?
Does it relate to any cases of labor abuse? such as. sweatshop factory?
Does it go well with some other pieces in my wardrobe?

When I was a child, the happiest thing in world is buying new shoes and clothes and I believe my very ordinary sense of fashion comes from my childhood. I had no idea what was that meant “to be environmental”. Isn’t it just recycle the paper and plastic we have used to the recycle bin? Or is there anything else we can do? People always see the surface of one thing, rather than taking some time to see the scenes behind it. Nowadays, I started to act more environmental-friendly when it comes to the world FASHION. I started to purchase the clothes that can go well with almost the others in my wardrobe, and care about the stories behind each garments. When I go into a store and fall in love with a pair of shoes or a dress, I would firstly ask myself: Do you think you can wear it more than one season? Does it go well with any other piece in your wardrobe? I started to act from the details, other than just claiming myself to be an environmental-friendly person. It is better to let my action voice for me. I am styling the whole outfit by picking those old but high quality  pieces from my wardrobe and hope you like it.

Love from #Emily.G

*Outfit: Knitwear from DKNY,
                Shorts from Dotti,
                Boots from Acne Studios (its back in stock on Net-A-Porter, so get them quickly before sold out),
               Handbag from Michael Michael Kors,
              Coat from a vintage store,
Belt from Gucci (similar here  , here, and here),
Glasses from Ray Ban.


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