Food Journey with Mi Thai(Michelin Recommended Restaurant)



One year since my graduation, I got reunited with my friend Aileen in Shanghai a few days ago, and we visited one of the Michelin Recommended Thai restaurant— Mi Thai, there in Shanghai. If you love Thai food, you need to make a visit as well. Because I know you won’t be disappointed. Before going, I actually phone called Mi Thai to reserve a table for us. And it is highly suggested you do so, too! Especially when you are about to have dinner at Friday night or weekends.

What we ordered?
Pa Thai, which to my perspective is thai-style fried noodle thing. I do not like to eat rice, so Pa Thai is my “just-so-right” thing.
Prawn cake. Usually, the pan-fried prawn cake smells “very-prawn” in some thai restaurant but you cannot really bit the whole prawn inside, sometimes its the prawn mince. But I can feel touch of prawn from Mi Thai’s prawn cake and I love it so much!
Milk Tea pudding. Sounds wired? Not so much to me! I am quite picky when it comes to dessert (probably just because I make dessert?), and I have to give a thumb up to the milk tea pudding.
Yellow Curry with Beef Rib. No need to say, I have to order one kind of curry every time I visit a thai restaurant, because the most common&simple thing shows the attitude of a chef towards the culture. To be honest, nothing really surprised me when I had this curry, either disappointed me. I guess it just go with an average level.

Here above are some pictures I took (by iPhone, sorry I forgot to bring my digital camera with me, hehe).

*By the way, I have another story to share with you guys from my dining experience. I have to say that the staff of Mi Thai are well trained because they can all speak both Mandarine and not bad English. But I feel one of the ladies who was duty on the area where our table sits was disappointing us a bit. She was definitely more caring and showing her hospitality when seeing foreign customers, or I can say, English speaker? I asked more than three times just for a glass of water for both Aileen and I, but she seemed to ignore our request and serving the table next to us first, even we had been waiting for ages. The staff walked right to the water after I requested for the second time, and took three glass of water to the guests that had just arrived. I was like, excuse me?That is the only sad thing I felt during our dining experience, and hope Mi Thai can hire staff who has a higher ethic standard. That is why I can give a thumb up to their food but truly sad to that lady’s attitude. I do not think it is a shame that I can speak three languages, but how funny it is that we got the comparably unfair treat when I speak Chinese in China?
Hope you like it, I mean only the food. And stand out when you see unfair thing happens to people, no matter when and in any situation.
Love from #Emily.G


    • January 20, 2017 / 12:59 am

      It is! Should try it if you ever go to Shanghai!

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