Macau Diary 3–Strolling around Macau City

Generally, “it is really hard for girls to pack luggage”, it’s a statement. Like myself, I always want to bring as much as I can, but want the suite case to be as light as it could be. We all have different reasons that why we want to bring “everything”, mine is just: I want to have a totally different look everyday if it is possible. As a result, I try to bring 2-3 handbags for just a short trip (maybe just 2 days for a weekend). Even I know it is ridiculous, but I will still do that. So, this time, for the 3-day macau trip, I am only bringing one handbag with me, which make it a milestone. Here is another look with it.
I make a visit to St. Paul’s Ruins every time I come to Macau. Not really the site St. Paul’s Ruins, but the local stores around it. Rather than going to famous tourist attractions, I’d like to explore a local cafe or a bookstore, listen to the stories of them. Pretty much like an Emily’s tradition, I took a walk and photographed a bit.
Hope you like it
Love from #Emily.G
*Outfit: Top from ZARA, Skirt from ZARA, Sneakers from Vans, Bag from Michael Kors, Glasses from RayBan.

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