I know some people try to avoid the negative emotions and extreme words when giving comment to one objective/person. But if sometimes we really giving opinions in an objective way, but using extreme words. Does that mean we are not being fair?

I have been thinking about this question for a long time before I sincerely speaking out my feeling towards one person I just met. I take my blog as a chance to share some of my views.

We just cannot avoid some people in our life and I personally take it as a challenge, and a lesson if I meet someone, who is really irrespective and do not understand their social roles. I will always learn from them– not being them, not being the one I do not like.

As a daughter, a friend, a blogger, a business person, a photographer (sometimes), I totally understand my roles in different contexts. I got this from my parents and my big family, which is quite important for building my personal value towards the world, and being a REAL person. Being successful in their careers, my parents never are arrogant people when they talk to  friends, colleagues, clients and to families. I was always taught to be respect to everyone, as we can always learn from others even they have much less than I do in another way. Believe or not, they knows more than I do in some ways. Being successful in career doesn’t mean anything when you talk to others, it doesn’t make you a notch above others. The words I was most been told when I was a child was: When you are ready to DO THINGS, be ready to be a human first. When you take your pride, it just shows your ignorance. I did not totally understand it when I was a child, because I was only a child, that’s it. However, growing up with those words, I grew a lot with it. So if you meet someone like I did, taking success in one side of their life as their pride to look down on others, and being rude to people when they are taking another social role, forgive them because shame on them. Learn from them because they shows how unmanned you would never wanted to be.

Finally, act respectful to them, still. The only thing I can teach from here is : Be Sincere.

I took some pictures yesterday at Manly Harbour and hope the wind blew those unmanned people’s disrespect.

From #Emily.G


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